Gonfalon of the Incorporation of Bonnetmakers & Dyers of Edinburgh, 1822

Painted on silk by a local artist, Mr. Bayne. This gonfalon (i.e. a banner hung from a crossbar, often with streamers) of the Incorporation of Bonnetmakers & Dyers of Edinburgh was commissioned by the Incorporation in August 1822 for use at the festivities surrounding the occasion of King George IV’s visit to Edinburgh.

It was clearly made very quickly because Mr. Bayne has painted the chevron in Azure (blue) instead of in Gule (red) and the field on that side should be Argent (silver in colour) and not Or (gold or yellow in colour)!

The cost of the materials and making up the banner by a Mrs. Cumming was £1 and Mr. Bayne charged £3–7/- for painting the banner.

The banner is now too fragile to remove from its case.